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Apple Map sw  with cellular -GPS on iPad3

Discussion of non-operating system issues related to all iPads.
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Apple Map sw  with cellular -GPS on iPad3

Post by riverkeeper » Wed Aug 15, 2012 9:31 am

does this work well enough to subtley navigate in the bowels of large cities?

Are there other modest priced  gps map software that are preferred?
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Stephen Hart
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Re: Apple Map sw  with cellular -GPS on iPad3

Post by Stephen Hart » Wed Aug 15, 2012 11:33 am

I can't speak to the iPad explicitly, but we've used Maps on my iPhone around the Peninsula and in Seattle, and it's very accurate for your location, very easy to use as a map and easy and accurate for a trip plan. I've used it in a car and while walking. (free) also has turn-by-turn spoken directions, and it worked excellently the times we've tried it.

Note that Apple is replacing Google as the source of in OS 6*, so there'll be substantial changes. I don't know if any details have been announced about those changes.

I also have an app called GPS Toolbox, which did an excellent job of showing me my actual walking and then driving path when walking near the mouth of the Elwha and then driving home.

*I hope that'll be an infrastructure change that will affect other iOS apps and OS X apps.
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