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Notes lost from ipad

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2016 6:16 pm
by Rklawitter
I am looking for advice on what I should do next to see if I can recover my notes from last summer, all of which have disappeared. There are several older notes still present. It is possible I failed to configure notes properly after an upgrade. I noticed a slider in settings not set to save notes to iPad. I have not used iCloud. My iPad back ups wirelessly with my iMac. Last backup is dated 11/15/15. I have no knowledge of the state of my notes at that time. I am cautious not to do anything or to download any of the software written about for such predicaments until I know more. Thanks.

Re: Notes lost from ipad

Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 12:08 pm
by Stephen Hart
Here's a forum post that says what I would guess happened. I don't think the old notes are deleted, just not visible.
I'm guessing that after you updated to iOS 9 on your iPhone, you were asked if you would like to update Notes to use the new features and you said "Yes"

What happened then is that, because the format of the old notes and the new ones is different, Apple split off your old notes and kept them for access on pre-iOS 9 devices and made a new Notes storage for your iOS 9 "super"-notes.
And here's a fuller discussion of the new Notes:

There are a lot of hits for google searches such as "recover old notes from Mac after iOS 9 upgrade." Several I saw led to recovery utilities. I would suggest avoiding those unless you get a personal testimonial from SMUG or someone you know who has used the app.

When you say you don't use iCloud do you mean you don't back up the iPad to iCloud? If you're signed in with an Apple ID and Notes are synced to your Mac, you also have a copy available using the browser interface for iCloud:

In general, I think of Notes as an app whose primary function is to sync, and I expect it to change a lot. I only have one Note that I don't change much and keep as is, a list of settings for my (overly complex) camera. I keep that note so I have it on my iPhone and can refer to it in the field.
Anything I want to keep for the long term, I'd copy to a Text Edit document on my Mac.

Re: Notes lost from ipad

Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2016 3:28 pm
by Rklawitter
I took my iPad into Mactraders. They figured out that my notes were in my wife's e-mail. When she deleted her account on my iPad, the notes went with her. When her account was accessed the notes were visible. I hadn't realized there was any relationship between using notes and e-mail accounts. Somehow, when I entered my notes, I was in her account. Richard Klawitter