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How to play MP3 files on my IPad

Posted: Sun Oct 26, 2014 10:18 pm
by MarleneK
I am George Will's sister visiting from New York. I own an IPad but am not a skilled user. While in Sequim, I have been going to the Monday Ukelele group at the senior center. The leader has invited me to join his Gdrive, which I have done. When I open Google Drive on my IPad, his GDrive is there and shows song titles and MP3 song titles. However, when I try to open his MP3 songs, a message appears that this not supported by my IPad . Can anyone explain/help me open these MP3 files so I can listen and play along with him? Do I need to go to the App Store? What would I look for? Does anyone know a way to copy his music pages into an app that would make it possible to put the music in alphabetical order..... Organize them.... and view them so I would not have to carry two large ring binders with me. I do not have an apple computer, but we do have a laptop... Not an apple laptop.... at home in New York. We are leaving George and Jolie's home in Sequim tomorrow and expect to be home by Sunday or Monday. We are driving. George loved all the help he's gotten from your group and suggested that I register and post my questions. Thank you for any help you can give! Marlene