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Review of the MicroShell Folio iPad2 Case (from Marware)

Posted: Sun Jun 05, 2011 4:21 pm
by Ray Bentsen
I recently got a MicroShell Folio iPad2 Case, and so far I am quite pleased. I got the black one, but the Folio also comes in white and silver for the same price of $69.99.

The top of the MicroShell Folio has the same look, feel, and convenience of Apple's SmartCover, including a "soft magnet" that automatically sleep/wakes the display. The Folio cover also has the same folding attributes of the SmartCover, allowing it to be used as a triangular display support when folded back.

The thin bottom of the "rubberized shell" snaps snuggly and securely onto the iPad2 itself, adding both protection for the aluminum back of the iPad2 as well as for its corners. Precision cutouts on the Folio back allow easy access to all ports and buttons ... as well as for the camera, speaker, and mic. And the Folio does not have to be removed when syncing.

The back of the Folio has two "ribs" that are designed to fit with the top cover to hold the display up at several different viewing angles, but I also found the ribs useful to help grip the unit when carrying. The ribs also raise the unit somewhat (about 1/8") when it is resting on a table, making the whole unit easier to pick up.

The three things that I really like about this unit are that ...
1) Unlike many cases, the Folio corner snaps do not cover any of the glass display and are quite thin ... so the entire glass surface can be used for navigation when the cover is folded back.
2) The iPad2 with the Folio case snapped on always sits flat, whether the cover is folded back or not. So, there is never any wobbling.
3) Unlike the SmartCover, the cover of the Folio does not detach ... so you don't have to worry about misplacing it.

All in all, I am very impressed with both the quality and precision of the product design. There is nothing flimsy about this unit, and I expect that it should provide both scratch and impact protection.