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YouTube guitar solo shows off Garageband for iPad

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YouTube guitar solo shows off Garageband for iPad

Post by bluesky » Thu May 26, 2011 2:46 pm

YouTube guitar solo shows off Garageband for iPad
updated 12:15 am EDT, Thu May 26, 2011
Demonstrates app's deep capacity for creativity

Anyone who has used Garageband for iPad knows that the program is a remarkable example of powerful mobile software, but a YouTube uploader named George Lambros has taken the demonstration to a new level with a video showing off an impressive guitar solo, now featured on Cult of Mac, on top of a multi-layered backing track entirely composed and created on the iPad.
In addition to showing Lambros' skill as a guitar player, the video (see below) also demonstrates the quality of sound and accompaniment a musician can get out of a very inexpensive app. Other videos of musicians using the iPad as an instrument have been popular before, but this one provides a good example to solo musicians or those just wishing to improve their skills on a variety of instruments how to build songs without the aid of loops. In the video, Lambros creates his song using a repeated guitar riff, drums and organ before adding the solo, which features several string-bending and other techniques to add a depth to the simple backing.

The iPad version of Garageband costs $5 and is available via the iTunes App Store. [via Cult of Mac] ... r_embedded
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Stephen Hart
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Re: YouTube guitar solo shows off Garageband for iPad

Post by Stephen Hart » Thu May 26, 2011 4:32 pm

Pretty cool!
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