iPhone 5 Introduced

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Re: iPhone 5 Introduced

Post by Stephen Hart » Thu Oct 04, 2012 7:00 pm

Just to bring closure, on the way back from SeaTac today, I stopped in the Tacoma Apple Store for a genius appointment. After a good laugh at my rotating Home button, the Genius gave me a brand new iPhone 5, set it up with Verizon, made an iCloud backup and started me restoring from the backup. I walked out with a working, and perfect, phone.
All in all a very pleasant experience.

It did take a bit of time after I got home to complete the restore. Downloading piles of apps from iCloud takes a long time--I think the "backup" just notes which apps you have--so I mostly got my third-party apps from my iMac.

Now I'm a happy camper once again.
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