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iPhone can't connect to home wifi

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2012 2:17 pm
by Stephen Hart
I noticed that my iPhone wasn't on my home network. When I went to connect it manually, I got a "cannot connect" message.

Googling this issue found a number of discussions with a variety of fixes. In my case, all it took was a reboot of the DSL modem. This despite the modem reporting that WiFi was up and running and the fact that my wife's MacBook Pro connected with no problem.

Re: iPhone can't connect to home wifi

Posted: Tue Oct 16, 2012 9:40 am
by Stephen Hart
Here's another symptom that restarting a DSL modem (or other WiFi source) might fix:

We recently upgraded iPhones, which required a fair amount of switching around. I got an iPhone 5 on iPhone 5 day in September, but it had a defect. I made an appointment at the Tacoma Apple Store, and went ahead and authorized my iPhone 4 for my wife.
On October 4, I got my iPhone 5 replaced, and on October 8 my wife upgraded from the iPhone 4 to an iPhone 4s.

Somewhere in all that switching, restoring and authorizing, both of our iPhones got sketchy with respect to WiFi syncing in iTunes. The phones would sometimes show up in iTunes when not connected by USB, but iTunes would not be able to find the phones to sync. WiFi for other uses continued to work fine.

Apple's official advice for all WiFi issues with iPhones is to restart everything, Mac, DSL modem and iPhone. That worked fine for us, restoring WiFi syncing in iTunes for both phones. But I suspect restarting just the DSL modem would work as well, like it did in my post above.