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iDevices as tools

Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2012 3:58 pm
by Stephen Hart
I often spend a few minutes in the Library with the latest issues of favorite magazines. I usually take photos with my iPhone of articles I'm interested in. This way I don't have to wait and check out a magazine once it's a few weeks old, and I don't have the magazine off the shelves at home and therefore unavailable to other patrons.

Here's one I saw today, from Cook's Illustrated:

If you want to use your iPad while cooking, use a "baby" carrot as a stylus. That way you avoid applying grease and bacteria to your iPad. After you're done, discard the carrot. You need to make sure the carrot piece has identifiable ends so you always touch one end and use the other on the iPad.
Note that water is the enemy of iPads, iPods, iPhones, etc.
(BTW, I just used my iPhone for a recipe yesterday.)

And here's another one I found in Fine Homebuilding:
Use your iPhone as a flashlight and to peek inside walls.
Note that any such use exposes your iPhone to various kinds of grit, from fiberglass particles from insulation to scratchy grit in the wall treatment. Clean your iPhone frequently, but very gently, if you use it while working thusly.
(BTW, I have been doing some rewiring recently. I didn't use my iPhone to see inside the wall, but did use it to call my son so I could feed a wire through a hole from a crawl space up into the living room.)