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iPhone4S and the different plans- any opinions?

Posted: Wed Nov 16, 2011 2:51 pm
I am about to order 2 iPhone 4s's for my Daughter and I, so if anyone has any opinions on the different plans offered as to good or bad coverage in this area, unexpected pricing, customer service, etc. it would be appreciate if anyone wants to post. I've already got the info. from Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T, but thought I'd ask for info. from our group. So far it looks like Sprint may have the best pricing for unlimited min. etc. but wondered about the coverage up in this area. Thanks, Laura

Re: iPhone4S and the different plans- any opinions?

Posted: Wed Nov 16, 2011 3:49 pm
by Stephen Hart
My Verizon iPhone 4 works very well from Port Angeles to Seattle. I've never noticed any major dead spots.*

Note that at present, AT&T offers a limited data plan for $15/mo/iPhone. Verizon offers limited data plans, but the most limited is $30. Apparently, they don't (yet) think they have to compete with AT&T. I don't know anything about Sprint, but you will have to have a data plan for each iPhone.

You might also consider who in your extended family is with which company, and whether each company has any-mobile-to-any-mobile free calling, and whether that would make any difference to you.

When I bought my iPhone, I used my wife's phone number's discount, and Verizon was fine with that and very helpful on the phone helping me make sure I did the switch right. In a few weeks, I'm planning another switcheroo, using my own discount to buy an iPhone 4s and changing my wife to my iPhone 4. I hope to keep my current unlimited data plan, but I could live without it.

* All my Verizon phones, dating back many years, have lost connectivity in parts of the drive from PA to Mora Beach, for example. Parts of Olympic National Park are dead. (With respect to cell phone coverage.) However, you can call from Hurricane Hill, as it has a line of sight to one or more towers around town. There's a small dead spot on the Ridge road between Lake Dawn (where I live) and town.
Bottom line: if you have a Verizon phone now, you probably won't notice any difference in coverage. Same for AT&T. I don't know about Sprint.