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Verizon's 2 Gig limit for smart phone.

Posted: Wed Sep 21, 2011 9:44 am
by Maryann Proctor
What does this mean? Is it total for phone calls, text, sending photos per month? Does it include photos taken or stored on the phone?
They talk about this in commercials and I just do not understand it. We want to get Iphone's this time but need to understand what it all means and they do not make it clear to us.

Re: Verizon's 2 Gig limit for smart phone.

Posted: Wed Sep 21, 2011 10:36 am
by Stephen Hart
The limitation is on data use, not the number of minutes of talking.
And remember that's only data you get while using cell towers to get internet.
There are three things you need to think about in deciding on an iPhone plan

• minutes of talking per month (and whether you get to carry over unused minutes)
• amount of data use per month
• number of text messages you send and receive

Here's some history:

AT&T got the iPhone first, and the service included unlimited data.
According to news reports, AT&T was overwhelmed by the amount of data iPhone users use compared to users of other smart phones. Of course, part of that might be that you can actually use an iPhone, instead of just giving up in frustration.
But it also turns out that some of those superusers were just listening to streaming radio all day long.
After a while, AT&T announced that all new plans would be limited data plans, either moderate for $15/month or large for $30/month, the amount the previous unlimited plan cost. (That's in addition to the voice service cost.)

Enter Verizon. It, too, started out with an unlimited plan for $30/month. Presumably that was to lure AT&T customers who missed out on the unlimited plan. It also announced that it would no longer offer unlimited data after a while. When Verizon did announce its limited plans, the cheapest was a $30/month plan. There is, at present, no half-price plan with Verizon.

Note that the limited plans offer a lot of data use. Or at least it's a lot if you aren't using the internet a lot on your phone while away from wifi.

Now, on to the future.

Apple will introduce iOS 5 pretty soon now. They've published a list of improvements, but those are only the ones Apple cares to announce ahead of time. One obvious feature of iOS will be integration with iCloud.
If the past is a guide, Apple will also introduce iPhone 5 pretty soon now. Rumor sites suggest October.
More rumors: iPhone 5 will have an 8 megapixel camera, a distinct improvement. It will be a universal phone, which can be used with Verizon or AT&T and will work in other countries with inexpensive SIM cards you can get from vending machines. (The Verizon iPhone 4 is not the same as the AT&T iPhone.) Finally, Sprint will also offer iPhone.
But remember those are just rumors.

Beyond rumor: the iPhone 5 will have more memory standard than iPhone 4. And very likely, iPhone 4 will still be available for half the cost of an iPhone 5 or less, say $50 or $100 instead of $200.

So, you'll likely want to wait a while to switch to iPhones.

Also, Verizon is actually pretty good about discussing plans on the phone. Once iPhone 5 is announced, you can call and discuss the exact costs with them.
Verizon may well introduce a half-price limited data plan either when iPhone 5 is released or soon after. That's an especially good bet if Sprint offers aggressive pricing.

BTW, my experience with a Verizon iPhone has been excellent. We've had Verizon cell phones for many years and the iPhone is the best phone I've ever had. Having used it for a while, I'd pay extra for that alone.

Easy and obvious to answer and hang up a call
Easy and obvious contact list navigation and calling from the list
Visual voicemail is fabulous. Never listen to three messages again just in case you missed one. It's also easy to erase voice messages.
Excellent and easy three-way calling and putting a call on hold
Really useful and extremely easy speaker phone and keypad on screen
Excellent voice quality and reception. (Don't pay attention to things you may have read about the number of bars that show. That has little or nothing to do with receiving calls or calling, and nothing to do with voice quality. I've never had a dropped call that I could blame on the iPhone.

Everything else also works beautifully, and several of the features are also worth paying extra for all by themselves:

• Address Book is always on the phone (and remember that Address Book entries can have data beyond phone number and address)
• You can take notes on the phone either in a stand-alone app or in Notes, which can sync automatically with your Mac. Your shopping list is always with you.
• Integrated iPod (you carry only one device)
• Good camera (which is excellent for snapping photos of things you want to remember, such as recipes in magazines, price labels at Costco, etc.)
• Integrated e-book reading. I've read several books on my phone, and it's a joy to use that way. You'll never be stuck in the car waiting for someone and lacking anything to read.
• Easy-to-use voice memo recorder. By the way, this records only mono, but the quality is excellent for any recorded sound. You can record in stereo with an add-on microphone plugged into the power/data connector.
• Maps app, including the free Mapquest app that will give you voice driving directions. I've tested this and it works well. You can even have the voice play through your car stereo.
• The best hand-held calculator I've ever used, bar none. I use this all the time.

And I haven't even mentioned games and the myriad (and I use the word advisedly) other apps to do almost anything you can think of right on your phone.

Re: Verizon's 2 Gig limit for smart phone.

Posted: Wed Sep 21, 2011 10:29 pm
by Richard Serkes
This thread has been moved from its original sub forum to here as it seems to be dealing with smartphones in general and the iPhone in particular.

Re: Verizon's 2 Gig limit for smart phone.

Posted: Sun Oct 02, 2011 12:28 pm
by Stephen Hart
All will be answered Tuesday, apparently. Journalists have received an invitation to "talk iPhone" with Apple.