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iPhone/iPod Touch Apps

Posted: Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:14 pm
by Stephen Hart
Here's a summary of a thread in the old forum about iPhone/iPod Touch apps. Many of these apps are available for iPad too.

Natedog: Facebook, jelly car, live poker, flashilight, and lightsaber

Ray Bentsen:
My favorite apps for iPod Touch are all games that can be played without Wi-Fi:
Texas Hold'em - Apple $5
ScribBall - Howling Moon $5
Black and White (Othello) - Hongtao FREE
Four Free (Four in a Row) - Optime FREE
15 Puzzle - Gandreas FREE
Matches Free (Concentration) - Neil Daniels FREE
iDrops - Agant FREE
The most practical app is Units (unit conversion) - TheMacBox FREE

Uber: wififinder

Jerry Frielich: Get familiar with Maps before buying a GPS app

Stephen Hart: Beautifully produced Apple videos about app developers and their amazing products: ... indtheapps

Here are the apps I have on my iPhone now:

Adobe Photoshop Express - Basic edits of photos right on your phone.
Gorillacam - Self-timer, Time-lapse, Anti-shake, Bubble Level, Grid, Tap anywhere on screen, Burst shooting
iMovie for iPhone
MobileMe Gallery
Pano - aid for taking panorama photos with your iPhone
JotNot Scanner Pro - Straightens and enhances photos of text
SketchBook Mobile - Excellent drawing and painting app. Multiple brushes, layers, etc. Sketch, then add to notes in another app
Love Art: National Gallery, London - Videos about several painters
Netflix - Actually works on the iPhone

Ocarina - Play an ocarina on your iPhone. Really! You blow gently in and finger four “holes” in various patterns to make music. Listen to other ocarina players world wide. Broadcast your tunes.
Virtuoso Piano - Nice-sounding piano app, actually usable (by someone who can play piano)
Viola Tuner - Pretty basic, for the viola player in our family
Mobile Metronome - Free visual and audio metronome

CBC Radio - Listen to nearly any CBC show
NPR News - Listen to any segment on any show whenever you want
Pandora Radio - Customizable music “radio”

Books, Notes and other text:
iBooks - My favorite. I love the page-flip effect.
Kindle - Biggest selection, can read books on Mac, Kindle, Browse from Mac
Dreamweaver CS5: The Missing Manual - Book as app. Not quite as nice to read as Kindle for iPhone
NoteMaster - Very capable note-taking app, include images, etc.
FileMagnet - transfer and read files
GoodReader for iPhone - read many file types

The Elements for iPhone 4 - Fabulous, beautifully illustrated iPhone app based on a coffee-table book
Molecules - Excellent 3D, rotatable, zoomable models of molecules. Hundreds of models can be downloaded.
iBird Explorer Plus - Excellent, serious-level bird book on a phone. Includes songs, photos, lots of text. Upgrade to Pro for $5 more. - Read the free parts of the Nature website, from Nature Magazine
Science Mobile - Read the free parts of the Science website, from AAAS’s Science Magazine

Carpenter's Helper Lite - Carpenter’s Calculator, includes feet, inches, fractions, etc.
Dual Level Pro - Two straight bubble levels, one can be rotated to specific angles
Multi Measures - Surface Level, bubble level, plumb bob, protractor, ruler, seismometer (fun!) More features promised

Mobile Lines - Fun game, arrange colored blobs in lines of 5. As good as the Mac app Lines, by Anoshkin
Labyrinth 2 Lite - Roll a ball bearing around on a game board. Multiple levels

Boilerplate Text - Keep lists of text you want to copy and paste in other apps
Dragon Dictation - Speech-to-Text on your iPhone. Really works
Remote - Control your Mac from the iPhone
Keynote Remote - Control Keynote from your iPhone
Flashlight - I’ve already used this in a pinch . Some flashlight app is a must-have for an iPhone.
RedLaser - Read bar codes. Now free.
Optiscan - QR code reader and generator.

Maps - surprisingly complete maps app, and it’s already on your phone
Location Tracking GPS Lite for iOS 4 - Excellent GPS track-recording app
MapQuest 4 - Excellent, free app from MapQuest Includes audio turn-by-turn navigation
Wi-Fi Finder - Find free WiFi hotspots on local map
Google Maps - App to quickly access Google Maps in your browser
Google Earth

Bento - Read and modify Bento databases on your iPhone. Syncs with Bento on the Mac
MobileMe iDisk - If you have MobileMe, you need this app

Re: iPhone/iPod Touch Apps

Posted: Wed Aug 28, 2013 6:36 pm
by movesew
Can I ask a question here. I have downloaded a iPhone QR Code generator in my phone. I want to create my own QR Code. But it always failed. I have read the creation guide carefully and do as it says. But it still can not work. Can you give me some guide?

Re: iPhone/iPod Touch Apps

Posted: Wed Aug 28, 2013 8:26 pm
by Stephen Hart
There are many online QR code creation web sites. Google "create qr code." As with any "free" web site, use discretion.

And there are many QR code apps (at least many of which create QR codes) available for iPhone and/or iPad available in the iTunes store. With any "free" app, use discretion.

Re: iPhone/iPod Touch Apps

Posted: Wed Aug 28, 2013 8:28 pm
by Stephen Hart
I should point out that the list I provided in the message above was generated a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.