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Apple ID Issues

Posted: Tue May 02, 2017 6:07 pm
by Stephen Hart
We've had iPhones for years and have never been able to get Apple IDs straight.
If we set up with separate Apple IDs, some data that seems obvious to share is not shared, for example Calendar.
If we set up with the same Apple ID, we get, for example all the recent calls from each other's phones.

We would like to have Contacts, Reminders, Notes and Calendar, Reminders shared (I may have missed something) shared.
We would like to have Apple ID email and Messages separate.
Family Sharing seems to be oriented only toward sharing purchases.

Is this too much to ask? How are other SMUG people dealing with this?

Re: Apple ID Issues

Posted: Sat Jun 10, 2017 4:47 pm
by Stephen Hart
So we ran into this again this month and called Verizon. Their answer: you can't share an Apple ID because you'll then share the recent calls list. It's not our fault. (Even though Verizon clearly keeps the recent call list.)
But it's more complicated than that. Not all recent calls my wife makes appear on my recent calls list.
We haven't tested this thoroughly, but it would be a deal killer if I decide not to answer a call (because I'm driving, for example) and I can't find that call in my recents list a little later.

In my past message, I mistakenly wrote that you can't share calendars without sharing and Apple ID. That's wrong. Calendars and Reminders have a sharing feature built in. I meant Contacts. For us, it's important to share Contacts. You also can't share Safari bookmarks without sharing an Apple ID.

I sent a detailed message to Apple about this. I think there should be a central Sharing panel with everything anyone could possibly want to share, and each person you might want to share with, in a checklist.