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Personal Hotspot Catch 22

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 10:22 am
by Stephen Hart
Recently we had a power outage and I drove out to the Hurricane Ridge parkway, where I can get perfect LTE, to download iOS 9.1.
In a Catch 22, I found that my iPad had no problem using my iPhone 6s as a personal hotspot* and the download to the iPad was very fast, much faster than using our home DSL. But the iPhone wouldn’t download the iOS for itself, complaining that it needed WiFi.

* Personal hotspot is really cool. It allows us to use an iPhone for a cell connection with out WiFi-only iPad. You don't even have to have Personal Hotspot turned on, if you've enabled instant hotspot.
I can even use this with my iMac, which would be excellent for when I've lost DSL (at least for brief periods). The problem is that I don't get LTE inside my house usually. Oddly, my wife's iPhone 6 sometimes gets LTE when my iPhone 6s is only showing 3G. Down by Lake Dawn or out on the parkway, where we can see the cell tower, we get steady LTE.