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Visual Voicemail and Cellular Data

Posted: Tue Dec 16, 2014 3:28 pm
by Stephen Hart
So we ran into an issue and learned something from the solution.
My wife's iPhone wasn't getting Visual Voicemail, though it had in the past. Note that if you don't get Visual Voicemail, the only way you know you've received voicemail is to phone the carrier's voicemail number and enter your password (Verizon).

A little searching on the web didn't yield any results, so she initiated a live chat with Verizon. After 20 or so minutes of trying this and that and restarting the iPhone, the rep asked her to check Cellular Data. It was turned off.
She turned it back on and bingo, 11 old voicemails appeared on her iPhone.

Thinking back, maybe we switched Cellular Data off when we were trying to figure out why her iPhone was draining its battery in a day, even though when I'd had the same iPhone for 6 months, it lasted days.

Bottom line: Visual Voicemail requires Cellular Data to be on.

Note that you can turn Cellular Data off for various apps if you want.

Verizon, at least, gives you fair warning if you're approaching your cellular data limit, and makes it easy to increase the limit for any length of time.

Re: Visual Voicemail and Cellular Data

Posted: Tue Dec 16, 2014 3:51 pm
by Bob Wiswell
So, Stephen did you find the answer to why your wife's phone was draining the battery in a day? The reason I ask is my phone doesn't last near as long as my wife's. We both have iPhone 5C's, but she is running iOS 7 and I am using iOS 8. My phone is only good for approx. two days if I leave it on/sleep all the time (turn it off overnight). Hers will go several days (I have never run a check to see exactly how many days-I just know it is longer than mine).

I was aware of being able to turn off tracking for the apps and I have done that. I have tried to limit it to a reasonable number. Mainly, those that I would use in driving/traveling. I suppose I could reduce those even more when I am only driving around here. One test would be to configure both phones exactly the same, but I haven't done that yet.

Re: Visual Voicemail and Cellular Data

Posted: Tue Dec 16, 2014 4:21 pm
by Stephen Hart
In general, all my iPhones, 4-6, have gone two or three days without charging unless I spend several hours listening to audio in the car. I never turn my iPhone off unless there's some problem that might be cured by a restart.
I usually plug my iPhone in to power at night.

Two days seems good to me, and if every few months you let the battery run down until the iPhone shuts off, then charge it up to 100%, you should be good.

In the case of my wife's iPhone 5, we're still looking at possible suspects:

She uses the NPR app a lot.

Any app using GPS in the background can suck the battery dry.

If you google the issue, you'll find many suggestions for what to set on your phone to get more battery life.