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iPhone 6 Battery Life

Discussion of non-operating system issues related to iPods, iPhones, and the iPod Touch.
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Stephen Hart
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iPhone 6 Battery Life

Post by Stephen Hart » Sun Oct 05, 2014 7:11 pm

So after a couple of weeks, I decided to calibrate my iPhone 6 battery. This is recommended at least occasionally.
I stopped plugging in my iPhone 6 at night. After three days and three nights of light use, I was able to get the iPhone down in the single digits on the fourth day. Finally, around 5:00 of day four, after playing iTunes Radio for a couple of hours, it shut itself off.

I decided to try another new thing, seeing if the iPad charger would charge the iPhone 6 faster.* It did. After about a couple of hours, my iPhone 6 was nearing 100%.

So, basically, I'd say that for me, the iPhone 6 is staying charged a good deal longer than my iPhone 5, and charges much faster if using the higher-powered iPad charger. (BTW, my in-car chargers are supposed to support iPad, so they should charge fast too, for the iPhone 6, at least.)

*This is a new feature of the iPhone 6. All previous models will charge just fine with an iPad charger, but no faster than with an iPhone charger. See this SMUG thread.
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