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FaceTime: Which Device Answers?

Posted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 10:22 am
by Stephen Hart
Maybe some SMUG members who use FaceTime more frequently will know the answer to this question.

We were talking with my son Robbie on my iPhone. We happened to have our iPad on the table as well, looking at his current location (St. Louis) in Google Earth. He was describing the scene in the park he was walking through, and said "Here, I'll switch to FaceTime."

Then my iPhone ended the call and my iPad rang to initiate the FaceTime "call." What the?

So is that because he has my iCloud e-mail entered as a default FaceTime address? Or what? How should we go about setting this up?

It seems that if you're already on a call, touching the FaceTime button should switch that device and the device on the other end to FaceTime. And if you initiate a FaceTime call, you should be able to choose which device will ring. For example, we could take a FaceTime call on either of two Macs, either of two iPhones and on our iPad.