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SMUG Acquires A Sound System

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Richard Serkes
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SMUG Acquires A Sound System

Post by Richard Serkes » Thu Aug 30, 2012 9:52 am

Members have voiced their concern that it's hard to hear the speakers during our monthly demos. More often than not the speaker has his/her back turned to the audience which makes things difficult for the audience to hear the presentation and the size of the room (especially in Sequim) adds to the problem.

As Jerry Freilich noted in a recent email to the membership SMUG has now acquired a portable sound system with wireless mics that will do away with this problem. So if you've been reluctant to attend because you just can't hear the demo or know another member who has stayed away because of the sound system problem please spread the word that hearing the speaker will no longer be an issue. We will have 800W of sound heading your way.
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