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RAW Fine Tuning

Discussion of general issues, not related to a specific Mac or iDevice operating system.
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Stephen Hart
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RAW Fine Tuning

Post by Stephen Hart » Mon Jul 23, 2012 3:41 pm

I just successfully answered a question on one of the Apple Support Discussions, so I thought I'd pass along the same tip:

I notice that as a RAW image from my Lumix FZ 150 loads, it changes. In my case, what I notice is a slight color shift and a slight desharpening or denoising.
I think what's happening is that the first image you see is the camera's jpeg (even if you don't have the camera set to shoot raw + jpeg), then the second is the RAW image after Aperture processes it.

You can click on a RAW image, then choose Adjustments in the Inspector panel, then add RAW Fine Tuning to the panel. Now you can adjust the fine tuning and, if you want, save your changes as a preset.

I think there's a perception thing going on here. You see the first version long enough to get the color and the sharpness. Then the next version will look wrong--or at least different--whatever Aperture does to it. You can't do an A-B comparison. Similarly, the image you see on the monitor may look "right" to you and any inkjet print will look "wrong."

I don't know how iPhoto handles RAW images, which are the images the camera makes without processing of any kind. Many higher-end cameras can save in RAW and RAW + jpeg, as well as jpeg only. Saving RAW gives you more latitude in adjusting the image on the Mac. The downside is that you may feel the need to adjust all images.
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