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Uses for Older Macs

Discussion of general issues, not related to a specific Mac or iDevice operating system.
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Stephen Hart
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Forum Member - Level 5
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Uses for Older Macs

Post by Stephen Hart » Fri May 18, 2012 8:19 am

There's a discussion on Macintouch of what one can do with older Macs. A number of people who post there won't budge from Snow Leopard because they won't or can't find alternatives to Classic software. Here's someone a little more extreme:
David Andrews
David Charlap asks
"All this begs the question: What can you do if you have a working PPC system that you don't want to just recycle? ....."
My eMac has been acting as an answering service using the (now discontinued) PhoneValet software for several years. It recently gained extra duties and has also become my butler. It opens and closes my gates, and even disciplines our dogs...
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