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iPhoto ver 9

Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2011 8:40 pm
by cholly
Hello, I am using iPhoto 9. I am confused about how to get to the original file folder or if that file exists in this version. Searching iPhoto help wasn't much as I didn't ask a proper question. I think in the earlier versions I was able to find all the originals in a folder called original. With the correct keys strokes I could access the folder from the iPhoto library app icon. This is just a distant memory ??

I am using system 10.6.7 with a 2x2 dual core Intel Desk top.

Thanks for any help.


Re: iPhoto ver 9

Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2011 6:29 am
by Stephen Hart
Like earlier versions, iPhoto 9 (from iLife 11) keeps all images in a package, filed by default in yourhome> pictures. If you control click on the iPhoto Library, you can see all the folders inside. Be careful there, though. iPhoto can't know what changes you make so you can easily corrupt the iPhoto databases. That's why Apple put it all in a "hidden" package.

Here are two ways to work with originals inside iPhoto:

If you just want to go back to the original and discard all changed, click Revert to Original. (iPhoto always makes a copy whenever you make any change to an image.)

If you want to see the original alongisde the modified image, duplicate the modified image, then select the one that has the original name and click Revert to Original on that.

In iPhoto 9, selecting edit in external editor automatically makes a duplicate in iPhoto. You can also copy to Photoshop if you don't want the modified version saved in iPhoto. And, of course, you can delete the copy iPhoto makes. You can still revert to the original even if you've modified the image in Photoshop.

Re: iPhoto ver 9

Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2011 8:34 am
by cholly
Thanks Steve, Thanks for reminding how to find the folders inside iPhoto. I was trying to find some of the originals that I could view and copy. I will be careful about not moving the files in the package. So much for my tired old brain.