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More Mac Tips

Posted: Fri Apr 15, 2011 2:31 pm
by Stephen Hart
Here are a couple more sources of Mac tips.
I don't recommend that anyone try to memorize bunches of tips. Of course, if one tip really jumps out as useful, figure out a way to remember and use that tip.
But it's also important to just remember that a tip exists somewhere. If you run into the problem the tip addresses, you'll say to yourself "Self, I remember seeing a tip on that once. I bet I can look it up on the web."

From Macworld magazine:

From Kamehameha Schools:

By the way, one way to find useful tips is by restricting your Google search to colleges and schools, pages with .edu domain names. Schools usually have active ITS departments that are constantly fielding questions from students.
Rick will, I'm sure, tell all y'all about that at the next SMUG meeting.