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December meeting Steve Jobs Tribute???

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2011 9:13 pm
by JerryFreilich
We are getting close to the December 7 date for our next meeting in Sequim and I don't yet have any topic for our it. I had thought that I could do one of the continuing "Beginner" meetings. These require very little planning and they've always been popular. But I was wondering if anyone else felt there was another topic that we needed to cover? But then I was very taken by some videos of Steve Jobs that Jay Cline posted on the SMUG Forum today. You need to have a look at these.... And then I got to thinking that we really should have a meeting devoted to Steve Jobs.

So here's my question .... are any of you interested in helping create something like this? I am picturing two things... one would be a series of videos that we could show. These might include one of those Jay just posted (from Steve's time at NEXT), his Stanford commencement speech, and perhaps the first roll-out of the Macintosh. There are really quite a few of these to choose from if we were thoughtful and selective about it. The second thing I'm thinking would be an opportunity for members to stand and to either read something or say something about what Steve meant to them. I know I would have something to say. But I'm only afraid that this could be long, drawn out, repetitive, and perhaps banal. Organizing it or setting time limits on it would be important. I would welcome your feelings on any of this.

Most importantly.... it would mean a lot to me if several of us would become involved with the production of this tribute. I don't think it would take much actual working ... just a little pre-planning. And of course it has to come together rather quickly because my announcement on the upcoming meeting (to members and the media) wants to go out in the next few days.

I will post this same message on the Forum.

Thanks, all!!