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SMUG participation in the 2012 Technology Fair

Posted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 9:26 pm
by JerryFreilich
Club members will recall that SMUG ran a booth at last spring's first-ever Sequim Technology and Media Fair. This event, sponsored by the Sequim PC User's Group was held at Sequim High School and was a big success. Chuck Howerton, one of the event's principal organizers last year, has asked SMUG to once again participate, this time on Saturday March 17, 2012.

At the Port Angeles Club meeting last night (Nov 2) the 60 members present overwhelmingly voted to have the club participate once again. As in 2011 we will occupy a double size booth so that a small group of us (4-5 at a time) can bring our Macs, iPads, and other equipment and demonstrate it for the public. As last time, there will be a slate of "classes" offered on technology topics although Chuck says there will be fewer of them than there were last time.

The club will pay $175 for the double size booth and we will once again need to have a club member (or members) serve as liaison to the event's planning committee. Since that group meets in Sequim, it would be best if a Sequim member could handle this task. Learn more about this event by visiting: and please contact me (posting here or by calling 457-4660) if you are interesting in helping out.