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More on links in forums

Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2011 11:39 am
by Stephen Hart
Forum Manager has posted basic instructions on how to add a URL, or hyperlink, to a post.

Here are a couple of added tips.
For a basic URL that's readable and clickable, all you need to do is copy the URL from wherever and paste it into your message. It's best to paste it on its own line, or otherwise make it obvious.
You can also click the URL button at the top of the message composition box to give this:

Code: Select all

Then stick the URL between the two pairs of brackets.

For long URLs or in cases where you want some text to be the link, you use this format:

Code: Select all

That's hard enough to remember that I made a shortcut to insert it. Any app that pastes boilerplate text will do. I use QuicKeys.
I made the two locators single words because then I can double click each one and replace it with the URL and text respectively. It's always best to check this after submission. It's all too easy to lose one of the brackets while pasting or typing.

Note: To make the codes in my message readable but not clickable, I used the Code tags, also available at the top of the message composition window. You'll note that there's a Select All link in the code box to make it easy for you to select the code to paste elsewhere.