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Free Movies

Posted: Sat Oct 21, 2017 10:00 pm
by Stephen Hart
I'm a fan of classic film noir, and I happened upon this link a week or so back:

I knew about movies that are in the public domain because their copyright wasn't renewed at some point. Some are on the Internet Archive. But I always assumed one had to download them. That takes hours on my minimal DSL, the best we can get where my house is. I'd never tried watching a movie on YouTube before.

So tonight I tested another idea. I went to that link on my iPhone. I chose one of the first few movies listed and clicked play. Instead of demanding that I download it from the Internet Archive, it started playing on my iPhone. I reset the output to my Apple TV, and it just worked.

The video and audio quality were about as good as old movies on Netflix. Maybe not quite as good as on FilmStruck, which specializes in old movies. And about as good as on cheap DVD collections. (Those collections probably get their material from the same place.)

And the play was smooth and continuous, with no pauses, again, at least as good as equally old movies on Netflix or FilmStruck.

Of course, it's probably true that many of these out-of-copyright movies are B or even C quality movies. And the video and audio quality may be worse than commercial DVDs or downloaded from iTunes.