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What's the recommended operating temperature range for a MBP

Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 3:37 pm
by jest2dogs
I just bought a new app called "System Pal", as my old Temperature Monitor app is no longer working.

The new app is telling me it is now 114°F and the fans are at zero rpm. A few minutes ago it was 120°F with fans at ~1,200 rpm, though I could not hear them at all. What's the best range? I can set an alarm to warn of a threshold temperature breach, but I do not know what that number would be.

I was prompted to check the temp. when I heard the fans roaring and the bottom of the MBP felt warm (it has felt a lot hotter than that on at least one occasion of late). Today I was running the GoPro Quick app when it got warmer.

Anybody got any info on this topic?

P.S. I note my last query in the General Discussion has had no response at all (just "lookie lews"). I should update that one.