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Re: In Finder "Sidebar" What is "Shared"

Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2011 8:35 am
by Stephen Hart
Richard Serkes wrote:Jerry, please read the original post in this thread. The OP saw other computers and/or cell phones in the SHARED area at the meeting. The OP wasn't authorized to see and access these devices. To top it off these other devices were unlocked which would have allowed the OP to do all kinds of naughty things to those devices.

We need another demo on security.
A demo on basic security would be good.

If you join a WiFi network and see other computers, you are authorized to see them. The users have given you that privilege. You probably aren't authorized to access anything on those computers except the Public folder, but that's up to those computer owners.

I took this in the original post "What are we sharing and with whom?" to indicate some concern about whether just joining a WiFi network compromised your security. The answer lies in your own settings for sharing. Barbara Wilson said her Macs are password protected. So, while her Mac may show up in another Mac's Shared section, no one can access her files without a password. I think that's what Jerry meant.

If you allow only Administrators in the Sharing panel, anyone seeing your Mac must know your login name (admin name) and your admin password. Note, however, that a Mac can have more than one account, and different accounts can have different access permissions.

All this is about the SMUG WiFi network at meetings. Open WiFi networks at cafes, etc., have other issues, which differ depending on what device you're using and what you're doing on the device.

Re: In Finder "Sidebar" What is "Shared"

Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2011 5:48 pm
by JerryFreilich
Point well taken.... OK, let me put it this way... If you see a "shared" volume in your sidebar, some other person has decided that they want to share that item with you. Or else they have deliberately gone into the "Sharing" control panel and set one or more of their drives to be open to sharing. Now remember, that even if the drive appears in the "Shared" section of the sidebar, that you may or may not be able to access files on that drive. In many cases, the owners of those volumes may have set them to be accessible but with a password required. You would click on that "shared" volume and then either see the files or see an authentication window asking for a password. That detail is up to the person who shares their volumes.

Then too .... some people are very trusting... leaving their front doors open, leaving the keys in the car, and "sharing" volumes of their hard drives without concern for who might go into them.