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iMessage question(s) and iPhone oddities.

Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 11:19 am
by jest2dogs
I have iMessage set up so that I can receive messages addressed to my iPhone or my email.

I have three devices; this 13" MBP, an iPhone and an iPad. If I send a message on any device it will show up on all three, as will the reply specific to the addressee.

That is, until today. Well, this "issue" could have occurred before today, but today is when I am checking text messages on my MBP. The last time (?) I checked messages on this laptop I did not have this issue. Here it is:

In the list of messages on the left of the screen it shows addressees with whom I have sent/received messages. There's the threads from the brother-in-law, my cousin, etc..

But there are none from my wife.

Instead there's my icon and when clicked on it shows all the conversations I've had and lists who and when they were sent, like a continuous log of my messages. But my wife's icon never appears in the sidebar list nor her exclusive message threads.

I am pretty sure they used to appear as a separate contact (as they still do on my iPhone and iPad)..

Of course, I have has other issues lately, too. Phone numbers in my contact list have been changing on my iPhone.

I was wondering when a good friend had changed his phone service to a Magic Jack provider, as when I called him, that's the message I got. When I arrived at his home unannounced (he is not a Magic Jack customer, so the message was left with someone else) I verified his home phone number. It was off by one digit.

This is not all.

I called home the other night (BTW, both calls were via SIRI, on bluetooth via my new SENA, bluetooth, helmet-mounted intercom) and was told my request to call "home" did not compute with the number available. You guessed it. The "home' number in my contact list was off by one number.

Both these contacts have been on my list for years and, at least with "home", I have called several times via the same method without incident.


So, what happened to my wife's exclusive messages and why is my iPhone messing with contact numbers?

Re: iMessage question(s) and iPhone oddities.

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 6:54 am
by Jay Cline
Can you replicate the problem of the phone number being one number off?

Re: iMessage question(s) and iPhone oddities.

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 9:28 am
by Stephen Hart
It's hard to see how iOS could change a phone number, but easy to see a few ways a number could be input wrong. Typing numbers on an iPhone is more difficult than on a Mac keyboard. You could accidentally create a new contact from a wrong number you received. Autocorrect could bite you, inserting a number it remembers instead of what you actually type. And it can be difficult to see a single wrong digit, especially if it's in the middle third.

Siri can be taught to be more correct, but it's not perfect.

As to the Messages issue, are you and your wife using the same Apple ID for Messages? My wife uses Messages much more than I do, and we don't get crossed wires. I can check, but I think she's using her own Apple ID for Messages.

Re: iMessage question(s) and iPhone oddities.

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 10:19 am
by jest2dogs
I have not tried to replicate the phone issue. The numbers called we're done by Siri and have met with success before (years). There were no recent changes to either contact's info. One day it's all good, the next time, not good.

As for messaging, my wife and I have individual Apple ID's. But just a few minutes ago she called to tell me she she is having trouble texting me from her phone. It could be something, then, on her end of the process. I will check with her about what has been said here. Maybe she can investigate from her end.

Thank you Jay and Stephen.