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End report on iPhoto not retaining new downloads

Posted: Wed Mar 23, 2016 12:27 pm
by Kirsten Ruhl
On Feb 14 I started on thread entitled "iPhoto no longer retaining new downloads"

I am listing this solution report as a new thread.
Jay's kind suggestion to rebuild iPhoto library seemed to solve the problem, but it quickly turned out not to be so after all.

I noticed that new downloads stayed in the daytime, even if I restarted the computer.
The disappearing of new downloads was always to be seen on the following morning.
I asked myself: "What happens in the night with my computer?" Answer: "Super Duper back-up" :o

Now I had a suspect.
Somewhere online I found in a forum an old listing of that exact problem - Super Duper and iPhoto.

Having seen that someone else had had the problem, I decided that my first remedy to try would be to upgrade Super Duper which I finally did yesterday. This morning after back-up the new iPhoto downloads are intact. Hurrah! :lol:
I think problem now really solved.