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Maps/Siri Failure

Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2016 6:53 am
by Stephen Hart
While we were in Sequim last weekend, we thought we'd see if Siri could navigate from Costco to the Dungeness National Wildlife Reserve through north Sequim instead of taking 101 back to Carlsborg Road.

First, Siri directed us through a dangerously rutted dirt lane, part of 9th. It was marked as a road on Maps. I reported that issue.
Then, we had to figure out that at roundabouts, Siri numbers the exits in a static way, not based on where you enter.
Finally, she directed us to Carlsborg Road. So far, so good.

But then things got really weird. We usually take Hogback west to Lotzgesell as a shortcut, and Siri insisted that we make a U turn and go back east. And she wouldn't give up. Once we were at the Reserve, on Voice of America Road, she kept insisting we make a U turn and head back east.
All this time, Maps showed our location correctly.

Back at home, we figured out why. The pin for the Dungeness National Wildlife Reserve is out on the spit, not at the road entrance. I don't know how Siri was expecting us to approach the spit from the northeast, perhaps by boat.
So I sent in a correction. In fact, I did it twice, because I figured out that the proper way is to click the little i on the pin.

This morning, I was greeted with a Notification thanking me for the information and stating that the pin had been "corrected." See image below.

Note that I'm not in the camp that continuously complains about Maps. In most other situations, it's been infallible pretty good for us.

Re: Maps/Siri Failure

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 9:34 am
by Stephen Hart
We've had a few more instances where Maps/Siri leads us astray. Around here, we mostly use it for fun, as we know our way.

In going to Fort Worden recently, Maps/Siri led us on a back-road route that bypassed Port Townsend. But that route was all on 25 mph roads. And the Washington State route signs go through the city.

We've seen other instances where Maps/Siri takes the first possible turn on a route, creating a zigzag instead of staying on the main road and making only one turn. On a couple of routes, Maps/Siri wanted us to make a U turn and go back to the first turn. Other times, she self corrects and sees the obvious route.

You can send in corrections, and Apple will actually respond.