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iPhoto no longer retaining new downloads

Posted: Sun Feb 14, 2016 10:22 am
by Kirsten Ruhl
iPhoto has never before given me this problem.
The first new pictures added this year were all in the last week. Otherwise my last transaction was Dec 10th.

Actions in the last week:
1) Added from my desktop (in 2 batches) about 25 pictures all dated January 5th.
I was surprised the following day to not find those pictures on iPhoto. Last Import showed the Dec 10th old stuff.

Luckily I had not yet deleted photos from my desktop so again I dragged those photos into iPhoto and verified that they were all there, both as Last Import and as Photos.
The following day the pictures were again missing.

Once again I dragged the photos from desktop to iPhoto, verified that they were there, closed every application, restarted the iMac and double-checked that photos were in iPhoto. They were.
However, the next day they were gone!

So, it was time for some other test:

2) Yesterday, I downloaded from my camera photos taken Dec 13th and Dec 26th and not previously downloaded.

I verified that they were in iPhoto and followed my usual procedure of deleting the pictures from the camera!
Oops - what if these pictures would be gone from iPhoto next day? -
So, I copied from iPhoto to desktop while they were available.
Good thing I did because, lo and behold, this morning iPhoto denied all knowledge of these pictures.

What is up, I wonder?

I am running OS 10.9.5
with iPhoto 9.5.1
Never had this problem before.

Wondering if this iPhoto version is somehow programmed to refuse anything added after 2015?
It is my guess that compared to most people I have relatively few pictures stored in iPhoto.
(Not sure how to determine how many - should that be a vital question for problem solving.)

Re: iPhoto no longer retaining new downloads

Posted: Sun Feb 14, 2016 2:53 pm
by Stephen Hart
I don't use iPhoto, but it shares the same library as Aperture. I just checked, and iPhoto does have 2016 photos. (I'm using El Capitan and iPhoto 9.6.1.)

Whenever I've had a heartstopping moment with photos not appearing where I expect them to be it's because I have left a restrictive search term on a particular album or project. Aperture's different in that the floating search box can be hidden. So, for example, a whole day's shooting in the mountains can seem to disappear if I've left the search term "Nisquallia" (an endemic Olympics grasshopper) in the search box.

I did a test in iPhoto. I selected a project called Home 10-16. All the expected photos were there. Then I searched on "2015." The most recent photo was then December 30, 2015. All the 2016 photos "disappeared."

Re: iPhoto no longer retaining new downloads

Posted: Sun Feb 14, 2016 3:54 pm
by Kirsten Ruhl
Thanks, Stephen for looking at this.

However, I don't think your idea of "project search" applies.

"Last Import" has always shown me the last batch of photos imported.
Now it shows something from Dec 10 as being my last import (which isn't true of course)

"Photos" shows me 4,700 imported pictures starting 2003 - ending Dec 10, 2015
(I just discovered how to see how many pictures I have total)

iPhoto seems consistently convinced that Dec 10th was the last day I imported pictures.

Re: iPhoto no longer retaining new downloads

Posted: Sun Feb 14, 2016 4:19 pm
by Stephen Hart
Do you have a search set up in Photos (all your photos)?

Have you checked your camera's date and time setting? Another possibility is that the photos are in iPhoto, just not where you expect them to be.

Have you checked in iPhoto for events after Dec 10? iPhoto creates an event on each import. The images in Last Import are aliases.

I just did a test with my iPhone. iPhoto imported the images (all in 2016, one just now), showed them in Last Import and created an Event with the photos. (Aperture showed the same import.)

Have you already erased the cards? If not, you could try importing with Image Capture and tell it to import to iPhoto.

I don't see anything from web searching indicating that iPhoto has a particular problem with 2016. Note, however, that continuing to use iPhoto will certainly create problems at some point.

Re: iPhoto no longer retaining new downloads

Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2016 11:24 am
by Jay Cline
Perhaps a rebuild of your iPhoto library is in order. Backup your files prior.

To rebuild the iPhoto library:
Quit iPhoto if it is open.
Hold down the Command and Option keys on the keyboard.
Open iPhoto.
Keep the keys held down until you are prompted to rebuild the library.
A dialog will appear with rebuild options. Select the options you want to use.
Click Rebuild to begin the rebuild process.


Re: iPhoto no longer retaining new downloads

Posted: Wed Feb 17, 2016 11:01 pm
by Jay Cline
This thread went quiet, must have figured it out.

Re: iPhoto no longer retaining new downloads

Posted: Fri Feb 19, 2016 1:29 pm
by Kirsten Ruhl
No, Jay, I didn't figure it out yet :? - I got a bit overwhelmed with the scope of my problem and needed to get a few other things handled before I could tackle this again.

I didn't have a lot of faith in Stephen's suggestion about my camera's date and such. I was willing to test all of it, despite being pretty sure that the results of suggested testing would leave my problem unsolved. The whole thing seemed a bit depressing. I was grateful for suggestions and willing to test, but not at all hopeful.

However, I got very excited and hopeful when I looked here today and saw your suggestion to rebuild the library.
It will be my next step and I will be able to do it soon. I want to do it carefully and with all my wits about me.
I will report back after I get said wits gathered enough for courage to proceed. :roll:

Thanks, Jay and Stephen!

Re: iPhoto no longer retaining new downloads

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 9:18 am
by Kirsten Ruhl
Hurrah! :lol:
After rebuild of iPhoto's Database as per Jay's instructions I seem to retain new download.
(At least it stayed overnight this time. :o Before the library rebuild the most I had managed was having new download stay for an immediate computer restart, but even that wasn't necessarily repeatable, and it certainly no longer stayed overnight.)

So, I am hugely hopeful that it will now remain stable for new downloads.
Thank you, Jay ever so much for this simple solution to my very vexing problem.

Thanks again also to Stephen for having thought about and explored my problem. I appreciate your kindness.

Re: iPhoto no longer retaining new downloads

Posted: Wed Mar 23, 2016 1:16 pm
by Kirsten Ruhl
I have listed the following solution report as a new thread on 03-23-2016.
Jay's kind suggestion to rebuild iPhoto library seemed to solve the problem, but it quickly turned out not to be so after all. :?

I noticed that new downloads stayed in the daytime, even if I restarted the computer.
The disappearing of new downloads was always to be seen on the following morning.
I asked myself: "What happens in the night with my computer?" Answer: "Super Duper back-up" :o

Now I had a suspect.
Somewhere online I found in a forum an old listing of that exact problem - Super Duper and iPhoto.

Having seen that someone else had had the problem, I decided that my first remedy to try would be to upgrade Super Duper which I finally did yesterday. This morning after back-up the new iPhoto downloads are intact. Hurrah! :lol:
I think problem now really solved.