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Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2011 4:04 pm
by Stephen Hart
Henry Rhodes wrote:So, the answer is: when the blank pdf page opens, I can save it to the desktop and then open it with adobe reader. Once upon a time, I didn't have to do this; the page would open in the browser. I don't know what's changed. Sorry, guys, no free hugs this time.
First, the blank page you see is a blank web page, not a blank pdf. As I wrote before, that's a flaw in the programming of the web site you found the link on. My guess is that whenever you see that blank web page, the pdf has downloaded, but you just don't know where. If you give us a URL, we can check the web site out.

So, let's go back to square 1.

You want the pdf to open in the browser window?
You have two choices: the Adobe Reader plugin or the native Safari display. Which do you prefer?
If you prefer the Adobe Reader plugin, you need to pay close attention to keeping Adobe Reader updated, for security reasons.

I think some of us have been answering on the assumption that you wanted to download the pdfs. That's how I always have my browser configured.