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all in one printer recomendations

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2015 2:00 pm
by LGmus
I am looking at two models at Costco The HP 6235 or the Epson 3640. A bit more costly, but seems to have more paper options and volume capability.
I plan to print flyers, brochures, graphics with photos. Lots of bw documents, some envelops & on card stock, various formats.
I need the scanning and copying capabilities, too.

Costco sales person thinks the Epson is superior; but some on-line review claim the HP has better graphics. Seems strange, unless I misread the specs, as the dpi is higher on the Epson..

If anyone has experience with similar or the same, appreciate your ideas.

Lili Green

Re: all in one printer recomendations

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2015 2:54 pm
by Stephen Hart
Here's a response based only on my personal experience.

HP is infamous for dropping support for printers only a few years after selling them. The quality of a given printer or AIO may be great, until an OS X update makes it not work. We had to replace a three-year-old, fully functional HP printer for this reason a few years back.

OTOH, I have an HP Scanjet G4050 that still works great with Image Capture, a stock OS X app. I can also access Image Capture from within Photoshop. HP dropped support for the scanner, but it's pretty old.

We bought a Canon MX 882 AIO to replace the HP inkjet printer, and the Canon has been excellent. It prints very nice prints on any glossy print paper, good plain-paper color prints, very nice color prints on textured cards and other heavy stock, and scans perfectly well. We don't use any of the other features.

Any inkjet or AIO is going to cost more in ink than you spend on the machine. So you need to think of it lasting 3 years or so before it's a better idea to buy a new printer than keep buying ink for one with outdated technology.