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IMAP (MobileMe) E-mail Gotcha

Posted: Sun Jun 12, 2011 3:13 pm
by Stephen Hart
Here's a story that could contain a lesson for some SMUGger.

We recently bought and set up an iPad 2 for my wife's mother. Among many other struggles was this one.

We have a family MobileMe account so I gave her one of the family subaccounts so her Address Book, Calendar and an e-mail address could sync seamlessly. Everything worked out of the box.

Because I was doing the setup before we had her Mac here (an old PowerBook we gave her), I also set up her MobileMe e-mail account on my iMac for testing and for receiving notices that signups had completed.

Finally, I disabled the account on my iMac. But, unfortunately, I didn't check to see what was still in the Inbox. A couple of e-mails disappeared from all three computers where that address is being monitored. There was nothing really lost, I had copies of everything elsewhere.

But it's a lesson: if you delete the inbox on one Mac monitoring an IMAP account, apparently all the Inbox e-mails will disappear.