There will be no dues for 2018 until further notice, and all meetings in 2018 will be in Sequim!

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News from the January meeting

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News from the January meeting

Post by JerryFreilich » Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:32 pm

Just a note to mention a few things that were discussed and decided at the last meeting in Port Angeles on January 7.

First, after some floor discussion we decided to stick with the same dues and discount that we have had for the past few years. Just to reiterate, dues for 2015 are $24 although we offer a $4 discount for payments on or before February 15. If you have not already paid for the new year, kindly send a check or other wampum to our faithful treasurer Barbara Poznanovic. Her address is on the front page of the website that you just passed to get to here. Ah scenic downtown Joyce.

Second, we've decided to change our meeting timing around so that club business will hopefully take only 30 minutes or less each time. In this way we can have our snack break from 7:30 to 7:45. The main speaker will then have from 7:45 to 8:45 for a presentation. The goal is to allow people to have more time to socialize, to chat with the presenter, and to leave in a timely way if they wish. All should be wrapped up at 9.

Third, we discussed the fact that St. Luke's Church has decided to reserve Wednesdays for church use only and we cannot use their room that night this year. My intention is to move the Sequim meetings (only!) to the first TUESDAY night of each month. I know this will be bad for some folks, but also good for some others. The alternative is that we find another meeting place. Several members are looking into that possibility and I will keep you informed. St. Lukes has been a wonderful hall especially as our membership has grown significantly and I will be sorry to leave. There are other halls, however, so stay tuned. For now we expect the February meeting to be on TUESDAY February 3 rather than the usual Wednesday. We will announce this as soon as the date is confirmed with the church.

Fourth. There is currently only a single person who has volunteered to help with refreshments in Port Angeles. Three kind folks volunteered to handle Sequim meetings (bless their hearts). But I told the single Port Angeles volunteer that I would not allow her to assume that role as a single individual if no others were willing to help. The job is not hard... but for many reasons having a small group of people makes the job really convenient and reliable. It also ensures that panic does not ensue if that one person has to miss a meeting. If you are willing to help with refreshments at Port Angeles meetings (in the odd numbered months) please call me at 360-457-4660 or post here. If no one else steps forward we will simply not serve food at Port Angeles meetings. With more than 250 members on our rolls I just cannot imagine that only a single person is willing to help out.

That's all for now. We'll be announcing the February meeting shortly. Happy New Year to all!


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