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Birthday Present from Apple

Posted: Sun May 26, 2013 2:28 pm
by Stephen Hart
As I noted in this SMUG thread, and at the end of this other SMUG thread, I bought Final Cut Pro X (as well as the companions Motion and Compressor) last week. You could consider it a birthday present from me to me.

Motion and Compressor downloaded from the Mac App Store with no problems. But Final Cut timed out, and left me with a message saying "An Error Occurred," and no option to resume.
I restarted App Store, but that didn't help. I restarted my iMac, and then App Store showed me a resume button in the Purchases section. But the download timed out again. After that, I couldn't find any way to get a resume button back.

So I clicked the Report a Problem button in the invoice e-mail. A couple of hours later, an Apple rep e-mailed to say that a refund had been posted to my credit card and that I could start from scratch and purchase Final Cut again. As a result of the refund, Final Cut disappeared from the Purchases tab in App Store.

So I started over. I searched for Final Cut and weirdly, its button read "Install." I clicked and the download resumed. This time the download completed, and the app works (and even shows updates if available), indicating that the interrupted download was not a problem. Final Cut still doesn't show up in my Purchases tab. If I search for it the button reads "Installed." Finally, my credit card shows the charge and the refund.

After a couple of more go-rounds with the Apple rep to explain what I was seeing, I got this today:
Since it's already installed, just consider the refund as a gift from Apple for being a loyal customer.
Thanks Apple, for a $300 birthday present. Loyal customer? You bet!

Re: Birthday Present from Apple

Posted: Mon May 27, 2013 11:24 am
by JerryFreilich
Stephen, I'm glad to hear of the good outcome from your problematic download. I thought I would just add for you and for the others reading this thread that even though you persevered and got good results ... that the quicker and more pain free way to handle these problems is just to call Apple on the good old fashioned telephone. You'll be pleased to have an AMERICAN person, somewhere in the US, answer your call and they can very quickly correct all sorts of problems. I think that many of the software companies (in particular) are pretty cagey about hiding their phone numbers. Apple has theirs posted very prominently on their Support page. I've been recently quite amazed that both Microsoft and Adobe had very well-informed reps available by phone (although not in the US....). In both cases of my recent need (with Adobe and Microsoft), the reps were able to "take over" my computer via some slick VPN tool and very quickly locate, trash, and replace, the needed files to make their software run properly. Don't short change the telephone!

Re: Birthday Present from Apple

Posted: Mon May 27, 2013 1:44 pm
by Stephen Hart
Yes, AppleCare is great, and like you, I suggest that with any Apple hardware or software problem that SMUG can't solve the user set up a case number.
But in this case, I assumed that the e-mail route included right in the invoice would work. My total time invested in the problem was probably less than 15 minutes, including trying a couple of times to resume the download, restarting my iMac once, and typing three or four very short e-mails. (I could have skipped one of the e-mails. I just wanted an explicit explanation, for my records, that Apple was comping me the cost of Final Cut Pro, rather than just assuming that fact.)

None of that time spent troubleshooting interfered with my use of Final Cut Pro, because I had a working copy of the Trial version.

By the way, I'm certainly not suggesting that anyone try to game the system. I did try all the ways I could think of to get the download restarted, and fully expected the Apple rep to just click Reset at her end. I never expected, nor did I ever ask for, a refund.

Re: Birthday Present from Apple

Posted: Tue May 28, 2013 7:35 am
by JerryFreilich
I was not referring to AppleCare, although AppleCare is great. I was talking about calling the Apple number for any kind of an issue with their products. Of course, it is always better to use your own knowledge and your own resources before picking up the phone. But I'm constantly reminded how lost most folks are a lot of the time. And I should add that the SMUG FORUM (i.e., right here!!!) is a good place to begin many problem-solving issues.

Re: Birthday Present from Apple

Posted: Tue May 28, 2013 8:58 am
by Richard Serkes
Once I placed an order at the online Apple Store. After just a few minutes I realized I had inadvertently left out an item I wanted. I quickly called the 800 number to explain what I had done and asked if the item I had left off could be added to the first order so I could avoid paying S&H for the item I had forgotten. The nice person on the other end of the phone conversation noticed that I had placed my order through the Education Store. He asked if I were a student and I said no, I had been a teacher for 29 years. He thanked me for going into the classroom and said that the extra item would not only be added to the original order but there would be no charge for it. It was Apple's way of saying thank you for being a teacher.

I was flabbergasted but made sure I thanked him and Apple for the gift.

Apple has always been a friend to education and educators.

Re: Birthday Present from Apple

Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 2:15 pm
by Stephen Hart
The gift that doesn't keep on giving :roll:

So an update for Final Cut Pro X came out a couple of days ago, and after almost three years, the App Store told me that FCPX wasn't available for this account. I contacted iTunes Support (that's who you contact for the Mac App Store) and after supplying them with information, the person told me that the former exchange with iTunes Support--where I was clearly told to think of FCPX as a gift from Apple--was wrong.

It turned out to be a hassle to pay for it. Even signed in under a different Apple ID, the store saw FCPX on my iMac and insisted that I'd already purchased it. Finally, I compressed the FCPX package (just in case, I have plenty of backups) and deleted the app from the Applications folder. Then I had the "opportunity" to pay for FCPX.

I sure hope I don't have any hassles with the many projects and clips I've accumulated over the years.

[The next morning...]
FCPX completed its very lengthy download overnight. (It's almost 4 GB) And it does show my library of projects and clips, so all is well.
But there was one more twist. You know how Apple has been pushing us all to just leave the hard drive > Applications folder alone? And how all Apple apps are installed there by default? Well in this case, the App Store installed FCPX in my main user home as follows:

Steve > Applications > Dock Aliases > Design

I used to keep some folders of aliases in my Dock. And there was an alias of FCPX there. And the install replaced the alias with the newly downloaded FCPX. Weird.