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Macs Should Have Antivirus/Malware Protection

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:39 am
by bluesky
The times when Macs were considered "immune" from viruses and malware (for various reasons) are long gone. In my opinion, you now need a good antivirus/malware program that runs in the background and will not slow your Mac down. I use this product and highly recommend buying, downloading and installing it onto your Macs. It used to be called VirusBarrier X6 but was recently rolled into a more comprehensive package they now call Mac Internet Security 2013. I think the basic package is plenty of protection, and the Premium is probably not needed for most people. The license is renewed annually, but all updates and antivirus/malware definitions downloads are free during your year's subscription. It is a French company, os there may be a small International Banking Fee charged to your credit card. Here is the link...

Using a product like this, as well as following safe Internet practices, should keep you pretty safe.

See this recent article as an example of what is going on out there...

Re: Macs Should Have Antivirus/Malware Protection

Posted: Mon Mar 25, 2013 8:39 am
by 8string
I've used Intego products for years, and they have always worked fine. No issues with the Mac OS (through all the various versions) and them. I've run the product on Mac laptops and desktops. The product is fast, unobtrusive. It actually found a virus that was on a Windows drive that I attached to the Mac, that the Windows AV did not find. (G). As to whether you need it or not, that's been a discussion that this forum has had for years, and all I'll say is that I would agree with bluesky, but your opinions may differ. Not really interested in opening the debate again, as we all know what everyone here thinks. You can search the forums for the old discussions.