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Steve Jobs at the D8 Conference (Video)

Posted: Thu May 05, 2011 2:55 pm
by Stephen Hart
I'm about halfway through this video podcast, and can recommend it highly.
Tag-team interviewers vs Steve. Steve wins. (You may feel, as I do, that Walt Mossberg thinks it really is a wrestling match.)
It's not just entertaining, it's enlightening. Steve talks about Apple's idea of what a company should be; which came first, the iPad or the iPhone; competition with Google; Chinese factories; etc.
And he echoes my idea about selling content, specifically journalism, on iPads, iPhones and the web: price it aggressively and go for volume. The New York Times, in throwing up a paywall (for the second time), is charging as much as a paper subscription, but you don't get the paper. Furthermore, they've increased the intrusive adds on the web site, the current one being for the BlackBerry Playbook, which is advertised as being "serious." I ask you.
Best quote: Desktops and laptops are like trucks. When everyone lived on a farm, everyone needed a truck. Now most of us drive cars. But we still need trucks. (In PA, for showing off, apparently.)
How many times have you heard this: "My [fill in caterory of relative] has a Mac, but [personal pronoun] only uses it for [fill in activity that can be done perfectly well on an iPad or iPhone]?

Best dig at Mossberg: (I'm paraphrasing here.) Mossberg: "What if the iPad is a failure?" Jobs: "We've sold one iPad every three seconds since it was introduced." (This was in mid June, before iPad 2, which has flown off the shelves.) His biggest worry? We can't make an iPad every three seconds. ... d377953458