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iPadOS - Feature List

(New)Discussion of issues related to iPadOS. - to be released in Fall 2019
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iPadOS - Feature List

Post by Ray Bentsen » Wed Jun 12, 2019 3:28 pm

Here is a list of some of the new features in iPadOS (a separate operating system from iOS, which will still be used on iPhones and iPods):

Home screen
The redesigned Home screen makes the most of the large display on iPad, so you can see even more on each page. App icons have a refined new look. And now you can pin your Today View right to the Home screen for information at a glance.

Powerful improvements to multitasking mean you can work in all-new ways on iPad. You can now use multiple apps in Slide Over and quickly switch between them. Open two documents or windows from the same app in Split View or across multiple spaces, so you can set up your iPad just the way you like it. And see all open windows for an app with the new App Exposé.

Apple Pencil
With lower latency, Apple Pencil feels even more natural. You’ll find new tools in a redesigned palette that you can drag to any side of the screen or minimize to make room for what you’re working on. And with full page capture, you can mark up entire web pages, documents, and emails by taking a screenshot.

Text editing
Text editing uses the power of Multi-Touch, so you can scroll through documents quickly by dragging the scroll bar and move the cursor simply by picking it up—it automatically snaps to lines and between words. You can select text with a tap and drag it wherever you want with just your fingers. And new Multi-Touch gestures make it easy to cut, copy, paste, and undo.

QuickType keyboard
With a new floating keyboard design, you get more room for your content. Pinch to shrink the new QuickType keyboard, and you can drag it anywhere on your screen and use QuickPath to type with one hand.

Now you can get great fonts from the App Store to use in your documents. Find custom fonts from boutique vendors and major developers like Monotype, Morisawa, Adobe, and Founder in the App Store, and use them in your favorite apps.

Browsing your files is easier with a new Column View to drill down into nested folders and a Preview pane with high-resolution images, rich metadata, and Quick Actions. You can use iCloud Drive to share folders with friends, family, and colleagues. And you can connect to servers or PCs with SMB support, or plug in a USB drive or SD card to access documents, spreadsheets, and more in Files or third-party apps.

Enjoy the desktop version of websites on your iPad. With websites designed for the large Multi-Touch display, a new download manager, dozens of new keyboard shortcuts, and more, browsing the web on iPad is better than ever.

Dark Mode
Dark Mode introduces a beautiful dark color scheme so you get a great viewing experience, especially in low-light environments. It works with the apps that come with your iPad, and with third-party apps. And it’s simple to turn on from Control Center or schedule for when you want to use it.

With its big, immersive display, iPad is the perfect device for reviewing and editing photos. Get a curated view of your best moments from every day, month, and year. Photos intelligently hides similar photos, screenshots, and receipts, so you can focus on your best shots and rediscover past memories. And a redesigned editing experience delivers powerful new tools, more control, and video editing support.

Augmented reality
With ARKit 3, AR apps can now place virtual objects naturally in front or behind people and use human movement and poses for new and more immersive experiences.

Sign In with Apple
Quickly and easily sign in to apps and websites and protect your privacy. There’s no need to fill out forms or choose new passwords—just tap Sign In with Apple, and after a Face ID or Touch ID confirmation, you’re all set. Apps can only ask for your name and email address, and you can even create a unique email address that forwards to your real one.

Unlock iPad up to 30 percent faster with Face ID. And apps will launch up to two times faster, App Store downloads will be up to 50 percent smaller, and app updates will be up to 60 percent smaller on average.
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