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Optimized battery charging

(New)Discussion of issues related to iOS 13. - to be released in Fall 2019
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Optimized battery charging

Post by Ray Bentsen » Tue Jul 02, 2019 10:34 am

Here is another great feature of iOS 13 ... a way to improve battery life!

With this enabled, your iPhone will learn when you typically charge your phone, and how much you use it. It will use that information to stop charging your phone at 80% if you aren’t going to need it.

For example, if you always charge your phone overnight, starting at about 10pm, and you happen to plug in your phone at 7pm one day, it might stop at 80%, knowing you won’t use up more than that much charge before plugging in again a few hours later.

By avoiding a full charge when not necessary, your iPhone’s battery should retain more of its maximum capacity over time. Maybe when your iPhone is three years old, it will still hold nearly as much charge as when it was new.

To activate this feature go to: Settings > Battery > Battery Health.

Thanks to MacWorld for this tip! ;)
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