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January 4 Port Angeles Meeting

Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2011 1:11 pm
by Stephen Hart
Robbie Hart will show how he uses a MacBook, an iPad, and Mac apps in scientific research in the high mountains of southwestern China. In this non-technical talk, he'll describe his research and show slides of some of the spectacular scenery as well as the beautiful flowers and the pollinators he studies. He'll also have some slides illustrating life in Lijiang, Yunan.

Robbie is a PhD candidate in biology at the University of Missouri - St. Louis and works with Dr. Jan Salick at the Missouri Botanical Garden on ethnobotanical approaches to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in the eastern Himalayas. His main research area is on Jade Dragon Snow Mountain near Lijiang, where he studies several Rhododendron species. His research combines field research, ethnobotanical interviews and historical herbarium records.