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May Meeting May 1 in Port Angeles

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2013 10:03 pm
by JerryFreilich
Our upcoming meeting will be Wednesday May 1 at 7 PM at the Port Angeles Public Library (Peabody St. and Lauridsen Blvd). After quite a few months hiatus, this meeting will be another in our occasional Beginners' Talks ... an ever-popular series. If you've been to these before, as usual I will be leading a discussion shaped by the members' questions. I start out with some very basic Macintosh task (like how to get pictures into iPhoto ... or how to get rid of an unwanted e-mail address in Mail)... and then follow the thread from question to question as they're posed from the audience. No question too simple or too elementary. As always, thanks to our WONDERFUL refreshments committee... snacks will be served.

Thanks to Karen Coles (champion refreshment team member), we're gathering "favorite websites" which we intend to highlight in an upcoming meeting. If you haven't already done so, please go to the SMUG website, click on the "My Favorite Website" link (in "General Discussion") and enter your favorites. Here's the link to that page: ... f=5&t=1126