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Freeing up Storage- Email

Discussion of issues related to iOS 10.
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Freeing up Storage- Email

Post by » Mon Jul 16, 2018 4:29 pm

I've spent hours trying to clear the email, but still have 2.6 G showing. Is there a streamlined, efficient method of cleaning out the 'mailboxes?
I have iOS 10.1.1 and am trying to free up storage be deleting email, however the way I am trying it accomplish the task seems extremely tedious. Starting in the 'inbox' each individual email is checked in 'edit' mode, then the bunch is deleted. Once that is done, it seems one must to go to through all for the other 'mailboxes', including 'trash' where the previously 'deleted' mail seems to go and perform the same procedure.
I would greatly appreciate some guidance for this process.

Thank you,

Paul V Hansen

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Stephen Hart
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Re: Freeing up Storage- Email

Post by Stephen Hart » Tue Jul 17, 2018 7:39 am

If you are mostly concerned about mail on your iPhone or iPad, there's one easy way to deal with it:

Don't keep mail on those devices in the first place. If you set up Rules in Mail on your Mac, you can move messages off of iCloud and on to your Mac permanently. Then they'll disappear on your iOS device.

For example, I have an iCloud email address that I use for both my iPhone and my Mac. If I get a message from someone I've set cup a rule for, it will be automatically moved from my Inbox to a folder in the On My Mac section in Mail. Then it won't show up on my iPhone. It will still be marked as unread. This works great for all the email you don't need to or want to respond to while on the go.

Another easy way to deal with this situation is to opt for an iPhone with more storage the next time you upgrade. Email takes up very little storage space.
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