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iOS 9 Picture in Picture

Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 4:53 pm
by Stephen Hart
[Corrected 12/27/15]

iOS 9 includes a new feature, Picture in Picture.

This feature is only available on recent iPads, so my only test has been on an iPad Pro.

You get this feature by pressing the Home button oncewhile a video is playing, or by tapping the Picture in Picture icon. Then you can go on with another app or start from a home screen.

1. It only works if the video is playing. So you can't, for example, pause the video at a frame, then invoke Picture in Picture.
1. You can invoke PiP when the video is playing or paused.
2. You have minimal controls in the PiP window. So you can't, for example, look at your screen and scroll the video back a bit.
3. You are limited to the four corners of the screen. So you can't, for example, move the PiP image wherever you want.
4. Screenshots work. (Press the lock-screen button and the Home button at the same time.)
5. You can size the small image somewhat with pinch/spread gesture.

All the images I've seen on the web about this feature are lame. So here's a Pages document I created with a list of the Hollywood stars seen in the cartoon Slick Hare, with Slick Hare playing in the corner of the screen. I could pause the video, modify the Pages document, then restart the video, then take a screenshot.