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Email problems iOS 9

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 3:59 pm
by jest2dogs
I posted a topic two days ago regarding the loss of some email features and inability to access new features due the antiquity of my iPad. (Y'know, one of those ancient generation 4's, purchased new about 18 months ago...)

Well, I deleted that post because I thought it might be too trivial. And now I have other issues.

I began a new email on my iPad because the email I wanted to "Reply" to was "not downloaded from (my) server"! Funny, it was there yesterday and the acknowledgment of it was in my "Inbox". So, where did it go?

During the composition of said email I had to check on a fact in another app. I have transitioned from app to app before without saving the draft, but today...

My iPhone was nearby and I noticed my composition was showing up on its screen. But it was now GONE from my iPad. I had to complete the email on my iPhone. I know I am missing something here. What is it?

Also, when I looked at my inbox on iPhone and again on IPad, the "Inbox" listed several emails but said they had not been downloaded from server. Funny, I just was looking at them earlier today. Could this be an Olypen issue that is coincidental with the downloading of new OS? I will call them poste haste. Meanwhile, the more knowledgable folks here can ruminate on my vacuous brain, or my innate ability to find stumbling blocks at every turn. (Maybe it comes from my proof-reading for my wife's newspaper column. If there's a problem, I'll find it! )

I guess I'm like a daily crossword puzzle, ay?

Re: Email problems iOS 9

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 4:13 pm
by Stephen Hart
The issue of "not downloaded from (my) server" has been widely discussed. I don't know what the current status is, whether people think it's a feature (it's doing exactly what you told it to) or a bug. You can probably find many discussions of this issue.

Re: Email problems iOS 9

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 6:32 pm
by jest2dogs
I contacted Olypen. The tech said they are getting many calls from Mac owners on this issue. He had no solution.

Re: Email problems iOS 9

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 6:49 pm
by jest2dogs

I have done an advanced search of this site regarding "email not downloaded from server" and the only references were the ones from our email conversation. Further "buzz words" like "server" brought up nothing relevant.

Has the topic been discussed at some other site? I wil google it.

As for detail, all messages were downloaded and cleared from server. But before that, emails from Saturday to yesterday were listed on the iPad and readable, but today, only the Inbox subject list (with two lines of type) were seen with only a "text" of "This message has not been downloaded from server."

I will have to,widen my search to,find your reference to much discussed topic.

Re: Email problems iOS 9

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 10:09 pm
by jest2dogs
Topic discussed. Not really, though there is a consensus, ...there is a glitch in iOS 9. No answer set.

Re: Email problems iOS 9

Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2015 9:50 am
by jest2dogs
Apparently, iOS 9 is not well received by 18 month "new", 4th generation iPads. Had I known this I would not have downloaded it.

Thomas Warfield of Goodsol, who is behind my FreeCell Plus app, has announced that, although they had an update for the bugs in iOS 9.02 there are further problems Apple is having regarding generation 4 iPads and iOS 9.

Is Apple becoming so tuned to planned obsolescence that their developers are blind to recent history? As noted, I have a generation 4 iPad. That can't really be considered "old", can it? IPads are not toys, they are tools. They should be usable and updateable for several years not months.


I think I will attempt a "restore" of my iPad. But then, I backed it up after installing 9.02. Will I be able to restore it to pre-9.02?

Re: Email problems iOS 9

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2015 7:06 am
by Stephen Hart
I think I will attempt a "restore" of my iPad. But then, I backed it up after installing 9.02. Will I be able to restore it to pre-9.02?
There are ways to revert to a previous version of iOS, if you still have the restore image on a backup. Apple generally stops distributing older versions soon after a new one comes out. But I doubt that this would solve your e-mail problem. The issue with e-mail showing an error of attachments not downloaded from the server occurs in OS X too.
I have an iPad 4 and haven't seen any issues with iOS 9.x.

Here's one Apple discussion, for what it's worth:

And: ... -accounts/

Both of these mention the possible fix of making sure your POP e-mail account is not set to remove message from server immediately. POP accounts do download messages rather than just letting you see them on the server. But you can set the server to retain e-mail for a period of time. Choosing a week is a good idea to allow you to recover e-mail that you accidentally erased. (I know this is not the issue you're seeing.)

This has also been discussed on Macintouch. I'll see if I can find the specific messages there.

Re: Email problems iOS 9

Posted: Sat Oct 31, 2015 9:55 pm
by jest2dogs
Email problems persist. I have three devices; 2012 MBP on El Capitan, a Gen 4 iPad (now on iOS 9.1) and an iPhone 5s iOS 8.4.1.

I think, and Olypen, too, that the issue is in how iOS 9 affects pop email accounts. Prior to switching to iOS 9, I had no problem getting mail on all three devices using two different pop email accounts. Techs at Olypen contend that something in iOS 9 and pop email does not mesh. That devices will "fight" for the rights to download the pop email. The devices that won the fight were the iPhone and the MBP.

I deleted, then added back in, the pop accounts on the iPad and unchecked the box on the MBP that would delete mail on the server once email was downloaded to MBP. Result? Between the mobile devices it was hit and miss as to what was downloaded from the server to which device. The MBP with El Capitan always had the pop email downloaded. The two mobiles still fighting it out for seconds.

Next move was to, not delete but, inactivate the pop email accounts on the MBP and activated imap email with the same user names and passwords as the original pop accounts.

Now what happens is that, in the world of pop email accounts, the iPhone (with iOS 8.4.1) tends to take preference and the iPad (iOS 9.1) ends up with a boatload of messages saying "Message not downloaded from server." The MBP, as usual, has no problem getting mail.

I think I will be switching to imap email on the iPad and, for now, leaving the iPhone as a pop account. That is until I learn the ins/outs of imap email behavior. I don't want the iPhone to be a controlling point for all my email. I will be editing, routing and filing email from the more comprehensive mail program on the MBP. The remaining pop account on the iPhone can act as "backup" until I get more comfortable and practiced. I can edit out lighter items from the iPad and file more important email while seated at the MBP.

I'm hoping that email saved to a folders "On My Mac" will be safe from deletion from other devices. (Yeah, it's obvious I have a lot to learn about imap email.)

Re: Email problems iOS 9

Posted: Sun Nov 01, 2015 10:56 am
by Stephen Hart
For what it's worth, the whole point of IMAP is to be able to view the same e-mail messages on multiple devices over time.

We don't use POP accounts on our iPhones or iPad. For those, we use our iCloud accounts. iCloud accounts are all IMAP.

I think that even if you set up your POP account to retain e-mail on the server for, say, a week, you'll still have problems because you'd be trying to get POP to behave like IMAP. A message may remain on the server, but still be marked as downloaded and not show up on iDevices.

With iCloud, a message will disappear from all devices when you move it to any folder the On My Mac section in OS X Mail. This happens even if the move is the result of a Mail Rule, which can be confusing, as you may get a notification that "You've Got Mail" but then when you go to look at the Inbox, it's empty. That's because the e-mail came in, caused the notification, then got moved to a folder by your Mac with a Mail Rule, then disappeared from iDevices. And this will differ from one iDevice to the next because they can't all check e-mail simultaneously.

Note that you can set up as many IMAP mailboxes as you like, if you want to keep e-mail visible on all devices. (For this purpose, accessing iCloud with the browser interface is just like an iDevice.) So you could set up a system with any rules moving iCloud account e-mails to an iCloud folder. Then later, you could move those filtered mails to On My Mac if you want.

Any IMAP account will function more or less the same way as iCloud, with one exception. Apparently Gmail doesn't do real IMAP, so its behavior is somewhat different.

We always move iCloud e-mail to one of our On My Mac folders. This is primarily a legacy behavior. We've just always done it that way and are too stuck in the mud to change. One advantage, though, is that all our past e-mail from or to any account is in the same set of folders on one Mac.

Re: Email problems iOS 9

Posted: Tue Dec 08, 2015 3:02 pm
by Stephen Hart
Maybe iOS 9.2 will help:

"Fixing an issue that caused mail attachments to be inaccessible for some users with POP email accounts"