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Weird message received???

Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 2:04 pm
by deltabravo
Hi was doing core training today with my apple watch timing "strength training". I was lying on the floor and my watch face got pressed against the floor. I felt a vibration and looked at the watch and this is what it said.

Friendship rings fu**ing.
There is no need for that.

it was all spelled out and I cannot imagine where it came from or why??? Has anyone had anything weird like this happen?? I have had the watch for about 2 months and really love it, but this seems odd. I hope the watch or my phone has not been hacked? Thanks. d

Re: Weird message received???

Posted: Sat Jul 22, 2017 1:18 pm
by Ray Bentsen
Yes, that was weird.

Did you notice if the text on the watch was just relaying an iPhone text message, that is, from the Messages app?

If so, I think that the message could be from a party that somehow had just gotten either your cell phone number or your email address.

Check to see if that same message is on your iPhone in the Messages app. If it is, and you get any further messages from that party, consider simply blocking additional messages using the blocking option in Settings > Messages.


Re: Weird message received???

Posted: Sat Jul 22, 2017 3:27 pm
by deltabravo
No, there was not a corresponding text message. The other funny thing is the watch vibrated first, but no sound and then I read the message. I haven't tried to duplicate. I was running Strength training at the time, at home with little or no background noise, so it wasn't Siri. Still a real mystery!! Thanks. denise