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Apple just Rickrolled you

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 10:02 am
by Jay Cline
Apple Rickrolls you when adding friends to Apple Watch. If you don't know what Rickrolled means then just move along.
Initials for friends list:

Add a friend
Use these steps to add a friend from your Apple Watch:
Press the side button to see your Friends.
Rotate the Digital Crown to plus icon, then tap plus icon.
Rotate the Digital Crown to locate the contact you want to add as a Friend, then tap to choose. If your friend isn’t in the list, open the Contacts app on your iPhone and add your friend to your contacts. Then try again.
You can also add and remove friends or organize them into groups from the Watch app on your iPhone. Open the Watch app, tap the My Watch tab, then tap Friends.

Re: Apple just Rickrolled you

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 3:22 pm
by Stephen Hart
SPOILER ALERT Stop reading if you don't care, or want to know, what Jay is on about, or if you want to track it all down on your own.

Here's the Apple page in question:

Bonus question: Who's Jamie communicating with? Why Eliza, of course. (Jamie apparently has some problems.)

And here's a related support article:

What's "rickrolling"? Why I'm glad you asked! (Not a rickroll, I promise.)

Of course, Randall Munroe, of xkcd, has plumbed this meme.

BTW, Apple has a long history of easter eggs.