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Apple Watch User Guide

Posted: Thu Apr 23, 2015 1:25 pm
by Ray Bentsen
An on-line user guide for Apple Watch is now available here:

A PDF version is also now available at: ... _guide.pdf

There is even a FREE version available in the iBooks Store.

From AppleInsider:
Apple notes that Watch contents are actually backed up "continuously" to a paired iPhone, rather than a Mac or PC, and in turn become a part of that iPhone's backup file in iTunes or iCloud. A Watch backup is performed automatically if a user chooses to unpair, and owners are expected to restore from their iPhone if they send their Watch in for repair or buy a new one.

Unpairing will also cause a Watch to be removed from a person's iCloud account. If a Watch is stolen, Apple suggests going to first to remove any cards saved to Apple Pay.