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watchOS 6 - Features

Discussion of issues related to Apple Watch.
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watchOS 6 - Features

Post by Ray Bentsen » Wed Jun 12, 2019 9:35 pm

Here are some of the new features of watchOS 6 ... to be released in Fall 2019:

Activity Trends
See how well you’re doing with your fitness goals over time—just open the Activity app on iPhone to compare your progress in the past 90 days to your performance in the past 365 days. An up arrow indicates that you’ve maintained or improved your fitness level. A down arrow means you’re trending down against your yearly average, and you’ll get coaching on how to get back on track. You see long-term activity for a wide variety of metrics, including exercise minutes, walk pace, and flights climbed.

Cycle Tracking
Now there’s a simple, intuitive way for women to track their menstrual cycle. Easily log your period, including flow levels, symptoms, and fertility information. And get notified when your period or fertile window is about to begin. The more you know about your cycle, the better conversations with your doctor will be.

Use Apple Watch to monitor the noise around you. The new Noise app uses the microphone to detect decibels and notifies you when they reach a level that could affect your hearing. You can also use the Noise complication to quickly check decibel levels by raising your wrist. And none of the audio is ever recorded or saved.

App Store
The App Store is now on Apple Watch, so you can browse curated app collections and view app descriptions, reviews, or screenshots right on your wrist. Then install apps directly on Apple Watch. Developers can use new tools to create diverse experiences—from apps that stream audio to ones that help you complete a physical therapy session or practice mediation.

Watch faces
Personalize your Apple Watch to suit your needs, mood, and style with new customization options and dynamic watch faces—Gradient, California, Solar Dial, Modular Compact, Numerals Mono, and Numerals Duo. And you can tap to hear the time spoken on any watch face.

Ask Siri what song you’re listening to, or who sings it, and get a result instantly from Shazam. And Siri can display web search results, so you don’t need your iPhone to get the information you’re looking for—just tap through a list of links on Apple Watch for a full-page browsing experience.

Other features
Use Audiobooks to sync content directly from your wrist so you can start listening where you left off. Record your thoughts with Voice Memos by simply tapping the complication or launching the app—new memos automatically sync across your Apple devices with iCloud. And with the Calculator app, you can calculate tips and split checks.
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