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iOS 6 Improvements

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2012 3:27 pm
by Stephen Hart
Here's an L.A. Times brief on a couple of nice improvements in iOS 6. ... 2936.story

My favorite feature: Do Not Disturb
Improved privacy control: who's monitoring your whereabouts?

The new Maps is based on an Apple maps infrastructure.
Talking directions is great. MapQuest app, has that feature and it works well.
Of course, Google can build a Google Maps app, which some users may prefer.
I don't know how many mapping apps one might need.

Maybe Apple will update iWord for iOS along with iOS 6, and--we can only hope--build in back and forth translation or even better, a unified file type so you can really read and work on a document in the Cloud from your Mac or your iOS device.

Re: iOS 6 Improvements

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 2:54 pm
by Stephen Hart
As a followup, I accidentally discovered this thorough roundup of what's new in iOS 6: ... f-ios-6.0/

Here's a telling quote about the YouTube app. The important point is that Google had not updated the app it gave to Apple much. Maybe it'll be more aggressive about updates now. And, of course, Google could, at any time, produce a new Google Maps app.
The omission of the built-in YouTube app is a relatively small loss, as it received only very minor updates over the years. Google has already released a native YouTube app on the App Store that not only fills in this gap but provides a generally better user experience than the built-in version did, at least for iPhone and iPod touch users. An update to add proper iPad support is forthcoming. YouTube links will open in Google’s YouTube app rather than Safari after it’s installed.